General osteopathy

Upper back pain, lower back pain, migraine, digestive discomfort or joint pain, osteopathy through its global approach can treat these types of lesions. Through biomechanical tests and an approach with direct or indirect techniques, the osteopath determines the cause of these symptoms in order to act on them.


Osteopathy for athletes

Playing sports is certainly good for your health, however the practice of a sports discipline generates tissue and joint tensions which are expressed by mobility restrictions. Osteopathy will restore mobility to the articular structures for a better practice of the sports discipline and especially to avoid the premature wear of the articular cartilage.


Osteopathy for pregnant women

During pregnancy, the body undergoes biomechanical and physiological changes which gives certain symptoms. The osteopath will use gentle techniques adapted to pregnant women, these techniques will relieve the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and prepare the future mother for childbirth.


Pediatric osteopathy

Childbirth is a happy event that generally goes well, however it can be the cause of functional lesions such as discomfort, colic, suction problems, etc. The osteopath considers the mobility of the tissues and, using very gentle techniques, will release the tensions he encounters.



Postural osteopathy

Posturotherapy is a therapy that focuses on postural sensors: - ocular sphere - TMJ (temporomandibular joint) - feet.

One could also cite the lower and upper crossed syndromes, in which certain muscles are over-active and others under-active.


Visceral osteopathy

Osteopathy is a natural medicine with a holistic approach. Digestive discomfort could be the cause of many back pains!

The osteopath makes an overall assessment based on a questionnaire and several tests looking for primary lesions (origin of blockages), the lesion chain and hypomobile areas. The visceral treatment is systematically done during an osteopathy session because it is often the cause of functional lesions.


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