I offer different services to meet your expectations. Depending on your goal and your health check. Possibility to train at your home or in a fitness room (Real Club Padel Marbella). A session lasts one hour. Possibility of following a Small Group Training (2 - 4 people). Being an Osteopath and Personal Trainer, I accompany you on the sports and medical level. Whatever your objective (weight loss, fitness, resumption of training after surgery, etc.), we draw up a follow-up plan in order to maximize the achievement of the previously determined objective.

What is personal training?

During the first session, we start with a health check, for 45 minutes, we take stock of your health then through sports tests we assess your physical condition. This will allow me to offer you the most suitable training program.

In personal training, we are interested in the person as a whole (motivation, support in change, training techniques, nutritional aspect, etc.)

Personalized workouts!

Following the health check, we will develop a training plan in terms of number of days per week and level of intensity. We will always start endurance work for the preparation phase for intensity work in order to avoid injuries.

The accompaniment is done on a physical and mental level. The workouts are based on functional exercises in a gym, at your home or on the beach. Weight loss, body refinement and learning new physical abilities will be on the agenda!



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