My vision

Strengthening health through a healthy lifestyle is a good thing. What is meant by a healthy lifestyle? Four criteria!

  • Eat healthy
  • Physical activity
  • Evacuate your emotions
  • Do health prevention

This will result in a better capacity for self-healing and a better recovery of the body.

My Philosophy

I am committed to providing high quality therapy services with professional materials.

The combination of several therapeutic techniques increases the body's capacity for self-healing without forgetting that the ideal is to do prevention, one session at each change of season.

My Mission

As a healthcare professional, I am committed to helping my patients resume their pursuit of lifelong health, fitness and wellness.

High Quality

I take a goal-oriented approach to health. Whatever your goals, I do everything I can to help you achieve them.

Patient Care

I provide the most suitable treatment and I do a little health education, allowing you to become an actor in your health.

Professional Vision

I have several years of experience and I continue to take training in the health field in order to offer you broad-spectrum treatments.





Functional lesions

Prevention session

Osteopathy is a natural medicine with a holistic approach. The osteopath makes an overall assessment based on a questionnaire and several tests in search of the origin of the pain.

Joint pain

Or musculoskeletal pain, which concerns the joints in general! Osteopathy uses relaxation techniques to restore mobility to these structures.


The management of a tendinopathy will depend on its chronicity and its origin. Osteopathy will use mobilization techniques to rebalance the structures in order to decharge the affected area.


Whether half-helmeted or full-helmeted, pulsatile, ... It could be linked to upper cervical blockages affecting the greater occipital nerve. The osteopath will release these structures using appropriate techniques.

Digestive disorders

Gastro-oesophageal reflux (acid reflux), heartburn, bloating, ... Osteopathy will seek and remove tensions that could disturb the motility of the organ concerned by "visceral" techniques.

stress management

Cranial osteopathy will be the most recommended. The rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system and particularly solicit the parasympathetic which solicits the state of calm and appeasement.


Good mobility of the temporomandibular joint depends on the masticatory muscles, which could be subject to tension. Osteopathy via cranial techniques will release the tensions caused by bruxism.


After a medical examination and in addition to medical treatment, osteopathic treatment could release the tensions that are at the origin of this condition.

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